The Adventures of the Savior Six

Into Hell and Madness....
When you die, there's a place that you go.

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I’m going to be updating this as I can, in no particular order of events. Stuff with Ray is taking priority over the “old days” of krebs and ingrid (except for the first entry). If you want to edit/add/whatever, please do. I’m a little fuzzy on some details, so if people could correct any glaring errors that’d be awesome.


The Breaking of the Six (not complete)

Rather than rest and recuperate from wounds, the Six decided that the best course of action was to strike immediately and kill Kravak the Damned. There was some debate amongst the group – some wanted to take the time to rest while others felt that time was of the essence. Eventually those in favor of attacking won. Before departing, a message of Sending was sent to Valthrun informing him that help was on the way. There was no response.

As the party headed towards the exit, the remaining people of Winterhaven looked on with love and sympathy. These heroes were willing to sacrifice their lives for the safety of others. Surely they deserved statues in the heart of the soon-to-be rebuilt Winterhaven. Yes. Definitely

The party entered the first room cautiously. There were no immediate threats, but danger always loomed ahead while in enemy territory. Ragnor took the lead, slowly moving forward. Suddenly, the floor he was on opened up, depositing him down a slide into darkness. In his place were several large, undead rat creatures. Vampire Spawn also fell from the ceiling to to battle with our heroes. Kazel, Mekar, and Fizzlebottom engaged the monsters above while Gorax called out to his fellow Dragonborn.

Ragnor found himself in a small pit littered with bones and a pool of blood. He was not alone – a large, angry looking monster with very sharp teeth shared the room with him. Overcome with youthful, frantic terror, he called up for help.

Hearing the cries of his Dragonborn brother, Gorax took a pull from his wineskin and charged into the trapped area, which deposited him below. As the floor opened, more undead rat creatues appeared. The remaining heroes made short work of the rats, however, and then wondered how to reach their friends. Garrack – not being one for finesse – simply stepped onto the trapped floor. He went down while more rats came up. The rats were quickly killed.

Below, Gorax and Ragnor were having difficulty with the monster, but with the addition of Garrack they were able to finish it off. Then came the confusing task of getting out. Ragnor and Gorax began crawling up the slope in the hopes that they might forcibly get out. Ragnor reached the top first, but could not find out what to do. While the two Dragonborn crawled up the slope, Garrack took a moment to search the pit, where he found a switch.

Above, Fizzle, Mekar, and Kazel wondered how to set the trap off without going underneath. They destroyed a nearby statue and pushed it onto the floor. The trap went off and Ragnor was moved into another room. “Do that again,” he called.

Garrack pulled the switch and Ragnor fell into place among his friends, while Gorax moved into the room Ragnor had been in. He pulled it again and Gorax was above. Garrack then traveled to the top of the slope and found another switch, which he pulled until he was above as well. (((I’m fuzzy on how exactly the trap worked. Someone feel free to edit it to make sense)))

Rather than attempt to leap across the trapped area, Mekar called up Tenser’s Floating Disc to ferry himself and Fizzlebottom across. While united, Garrack showed them what he had found amongst the bones – the decapitated head of Valthrun, the wizard of Winterhaven. Valthrun, who had been far more powerful than the party, was not enough for the evil that lurked ahead. Gorax, never one to be frightened, gave a rousing speech that inspired the party and motivated them to move on.

next room

After finishing off the wight (?), the Six continued onward. They came to a hallway which split to the left and right. The right way was chosen. They opened the door to find pure horror within.

Lord Padraig stood over the body of Lady Padraig Padraig had been horribly transformed, no longer resembling the man the Six had befriended. Instead, his face revealed two long, curved fangs. He had been turned into a vampire. His wife, her neck turned until it broke, lay at his feet, a final look of terror on her face.

“Do you like the changes I’ve made to your friend, Padraig?” Kravak taunted. Then the battle began.

Besides Kravak and Padraig, two giant skeletons stood in the middle of the room and two flaming skulls floated about. Garrack moved in to do battle with the skeletons, but was grabbed by a pillar made of bones. While held in place, the evil forces did damage to him.

Mekar’ managed to cast his sleep spell on one of the giants and Ragnor and Gorax pounced upon it and put it rest permanently. The pair turned to engage their former ally, but found that his new powers were enough to overwhelm the both of them.

Meanwhile, Fizzlebottom fired off spell after spell at the other giant skeleton. Once Garrack was free of the skeleton arms, he fought it hand-to-hand and, with the help of the mental attacks, slew it.

Kravak moved forward from his skeletal throne to fight the Six. Kazel took note of this and charged the Tiefling, leaping into the air with his daggers drawn. He fell upon thin air, however, for the villain had teleported some thirty feet away. The last thing Kazel saw was a magical screaming skull flying towards him.

Ragnor and Gorax continued their fight with Padraig, doing enough damage to dent his armor. He screamed in pain, then ran into the portal leading to the Shadowfell.

Garrack, sensing the battle may be lost, began heading towards to the exit, prepared to flee. Ragnor, also thinking the worst for the six, turned to Mekar’ and said, “Tell my father I will see him in hell,” before charging into the portal after Padraig. Gorax, not being one to abandon his friends, followed.

“AFTER THEM!” Kravak yelled, and the pair of skulls flew into the portal as well.

It was clear that Kravak and Vecna had been victorius. In an attempt to save Kazel’s, Mekar’ sent his Tenser’s Flying Disc to pick up his body and float it back to them. As it was just reaching him, though, Kravak hit Mekar’ with a frightening grasp, immobilizing him in place. Knowing that he could not move, he called for Garrack’s help before falling.

Garrack returned from down the hallway to catch Kazel’s body before it hit the ground. Fizzlebottom used his Bracers of ((something)) to give himself super strength and picked up the downed Mekar’. Together, the human and gnome ran, but Kravak followed.

Knowing that it would be impossible to escape without delaying Kravak further, Fizzlebottom gave Mekar’s body to Garrack and turned.

The Adventure Begins (not complete)

Six adventurers, all leading different lives, received a call for help. Their friend, Duvan Stall, was in trouble. Please come to Fallcrest immediately. Never one to ignore a request for help, they answered. They are:

Krebs – Dragonborn Paladin
Gorax – Dragonborn Warlord
Mekar – Half-Elf Wizard
Garrack – Human Ranger
Kazel – Drow Rogue
Fizzlebottom Cloisternook – Gnome Warlock

The Lady Stall was in tears when they arrived – Duvan had gone missing. He had gone to Winterhaven to study an ancient dragon skeleton but she had not heard from him in over a week.

The party, not having any other leads to follow, headed south to Winterhaven. Just outside the city’s gates, the group was ambushed by Kobolds! Using their combined powers, the party made short work of the dog-like humanoids. The threat diminished, our six heroes entered the town of Winterhaven.


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