Amras is an Elf who is hunting Mekar’ Aratman. As young men, Amras attempted to ambush Mekar’ and was hurt in the process. The next night, Amras’s older brother went to the Aratman household to get rough up Mekar’, but found only the boy’s mother home. When Mekar’ returned, he found the Elf pushing his mother around and striking her with a club. Overcome with anger, Mekar’ killed the Elf and fled the city.

Amras was both ashamed and angered to find that Mekar’ had killed his brother. He gathered some of his kin and set off to find Mekar’ and get revenge.

Amras and his hunting party encounted the Savior Six when they returned from killing Karzelkhan. They were beaten by the Six and let go, but Amras swore revenge on Mekar’. It is also worth noting that the Elven Warlock claimed that Amras “threatened to kill him” if he did not join the hunt for Mekar.


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