Lord Padraig

Once the leader of the town of Winterhaven. Now a vampire.


Lord Padraig is Winterhaven’s noble lord by birth. He first hired the Six to take on the kobolds who were attacking travelers and merchants on the road to Winterhaven. This subsequently led to Padraig’s request of help upon the Six to rid Shadowfell Keep of evil. Until recently, Padraig has been the unofficial patron of the Six.

Padraig was saved by the Six along with his wife after the incidents of Shadowfell Keep led to their capture at the hands of Flemorus. The Six killed the red dragon Karzalkhan at his request and has since helped recruit troops and find a cure for a disease plaguing Winterhaven at his request.

During the events known as The Destruction of Winterhaven, Padraig, his wife, and the wizard Valtrun, tried to take on the combined forces of Orcus and Vecna led by Kravak the Damned. They failed and Padraig was turned into a vampire and forced to murder his wife. After a long, bloody battle with The Six, who appeared with the intent to save Padraig only to find him now a violent beast, Padraig fled through a portal into the Shadowfell.

Lord Padraig

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