Lady Padraig

Beautiful, educated, swift and deadly.


Married to Lord Padraig, the Lady is a former human rogue adventurer. She has been saved once by the Savior Six when Flemorus the priest of Orcus stole her and her husband away from a celebration following the Six’s victory at Shadowfell Keep. She was saved from the volcanic lair of Karzalkhan, a young red dragon in the service of Orcus in exchange for dracolichdom.

During the events known as The Destruction of Winterhaven, Lady Padraig, her husband, and the wizard Valthrun tried to take on the combined forces of Orcus and Vecna led by Kravak the Damned. The failed and Lady Padraig was murdered by her husband once he was turned into a vampire by Kravak.

Lady Padraig

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