The Adventures of the Savior Six

The Adventure Begins (not complete)

Six adventurers, all leading different lives, received a call for help. Their friend, Duvan Stall, was in trouble. Please come to Fallcrest immediately. Never one to ignore a request for help, they answered. They are:

Krebs – Dragonborn Paladin
Gorax – Dragonborn Warlord
Mekar – Half-Elf Wizard
Garrack – Human Ranger
Kazel – Drow Rogue
Fizzlebottom Cloisternook – Gnome Warlock

The Lady Stall was in tears when they arrived – Duvan had gone missing. He had gone to Winterhaven to study an ancient dragon skeleton but she had not heard from him in over a week.

The party, not having any other leads to follow, headed south to Winterhaven. Just outside the city’s gates, the group was ambushed by Kobolds! Using their combined powers, the party made short work of the dog-like humanoids. The threat diminished, our six heroes entered the town of Winterhaven.



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